Civil Remedies Available to Elderly Victims of Abuse or Exploitation

by | Feb 5, 2020 | Civil Litigation

According to the Administration of Aging (AOA), hundreds of thousands of elderly Americans are abused, exploited or neglected each year.  Unfortunately, sometimes that abuse is at the hands of a trusted caregiver and/or family member, and often individuals may not know where to turn.

In Connecticut, in addition to protective services or criminal investigation, the law provides for possible private remedies against the offender including;

  1. Prohibition from contact or use of assets/property;
  2. Compensation for pain and suffering, medical expenses, etc., and even
  3. Costs and reasonable attorney’s fees.

“Abuse” includes, but is not limited to, willful infliction of either physical pain or mental anguish, or deprivation of services. “Exploitation” refers to actions that take advantage of an elderly person for monetary, personal or other benefit, gain or profit.

The action may be brought by the elderly person, or their guardian or conservator, or a person or organization acting on behalf of the consenting victim.

Our firm can help by evaluating such claims and making sure your loved ones receive all fair and just compensation for the pain and damages caused by such offenders.

– Sylvia Rutkowska, Esq.

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