Middletown And Old Saybrook Divorce Mediation And Collaboration Attorneys

Many people think of divorce as a very contentious process that must be litigated. While this is what the media often shows us, the truth is that most family law matters can be successfully resolved through mediation and collaboration.

At Dzialo, Pickett & Allen, P.C., our family law attorneys have the experience to guide you through the mediation process in a way that results in a fair outcome. We assist people in the Middletown, Hartford and Old Saybrook areas.

Why Mediation?

When a divorce case goes to trial, the final decisions are made by a judge who barely knows you let alone the complex details of your family life. Mediation, however, allows you and your spouse — under the guidance of your lawyers — to reach an agreement through negotiation.

In short, mediation lets you and your spouse have the final say on your settlement. This is important because the two of you know your situation better than anyone else. Our attorneys will help you make informed decisions throughout the divorce process regarding:

  • Spousal support
  • Child support
  • Child custody
  • Visitation rights

How Our Litigation Experience Helps With Mediation

Although we focus on divorce mediation and collaboration when possible, the fact is that we have extensive litigation experience as well. Because we understand divorce litigation so well, we are able to better guide you through the mediation process.

We know what your rights are, and we know what outcomes are likely in both mediation and litigation. We will help you make informed decisions throughout the process, protecting your best interests along the way.

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